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最後の空 | The Last Sky
English translation of Kalafina-related publications (except lyrics)
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February 16, 2015 | 06:57 AM - [sticky post] 始まりへ | to the beginning
Welcome to Saigo no Sora, a Japanese-English translation community mainly for Kalafina blog entries, and any publication related to the said group, except for lyrics. In time, other acts' publication translations may also be posted, but the main focus will be Kalafina.

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  • While I (we) do not prohibit translation to other languages, I (we) would not take any responsibility for inaccuracies that might result from my (our) still unpolished Japanese skills, and I often edit my translations if I realize there is a better way of expressing (a) certain line(s) in English. You have been warned.

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February 23, 2017 | 07:14 AM - [2009年05月22日] Good morning!
Good morning (^O^)
I welcomed the morning in Boston.
The morning has been wonderful so far!
I'm almost wide awake now.



February 22, 2017 | 09:51 PM - [2009年05月22日] Arrival!
This is Hikaru.
We have safely arrived in Boston!
It's warm here.
The townscape is really lovely.
The rays of the sun are bright at noon!
they say.

It's also warm at night
The town's illumination is in orange.
Somehow, it feels as if it's inviting you for a walk.
While holding that kind of feeling back,
we headed out for dinner in a car.

with the on-site staff,
as well as those from Aniplex,
we will have a dinner party.

Speaking of Boston...!!
Because of that,
I ate clam chowder and a huuuuge lobster.
They were delicious ((p(*・∀・*)q))




Everyone, we've entered the latter half of January,
and it has become remarkably cold, hasn't it?! Here I am, surprised by the sudden cold wave (゚ロ゚;三;゚ロ゚)
I wrapped myself up in a coat, and covered myself with a scarf, but my nose and eyes are cold... But if I hid those as well, I won't be able to see anything. What in the world should you I...

Well then, I'll just bear the cold around my eyes☆

I'm so late in my New Year's greetings, and for that, I'm so sorry!
This is Wakana ☆(0 ̄▽ ̄0)/
This 2016, we will also continue to make our songs reach everyone as always.
This year as well, please be good to Kalafina♪

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January 23, 2016 | 12:33 AM - [2016/01/19] Taiwan was the best
Hello♪ This is Keiko♪

Well, now that we've come back to Japan after finishing the Taiwan performances, we have begun to prepare for the eighth anniversary live this week!!
These days were really fulfilling♪ I feel happy that we're soaked in this much music at the starting month of the year♪

Now, after performing in Taiwan for the first time in five years, we were able to make a really warm and touching time.
Five years ago, for us who have just started our live performances abroad, even though they were in the nearby Asian region, the feelings of nervousness about the way we could make our music be heard, were warmed up by the Taiwanese fans in an instant.and that was Taiwan fans who warmed us instantly. Even now, the three of us remember that time so well that we look back on it from time to time. Being able to come back to such a country like Taiwan, we are filled with gratitude toward a lot of people there.
With a rich and deep sound, playing with the usual groove and impact, it's also the musicians' first time to be able to perform in front of everyone in Taiwan, and these fans' shouts of joy were truly amazing!! We were also thrilled by the energy of the Taiwanese fans, that we were able to experience two days of performances that we can only do so in Taiwan. Even though it's about our 12th time here, every time is a first... or at least that's how it feels like.
Since we also promised that "we will return!!" to everyone in Taiwan, we would like to continue to do various activities, believing that day will come.
To everyone who came all the way from Japan, thank you so much for creating this Taiwan performance with us ('ω `)
We were given the opportunity to sign a huge panel at the venue!

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Translated by sprinterXkyrie
January 7, 2016 | 10:04 PM - [2015/08/27] Fluffy
Hello, this is Keiko (´ω`)

Lately, it has gotten suddenly cold, that when I said, "Huh? Has summer already ended" in surprise, Wakana-san who was beside me whispered, "It seems like the 30th will be a summer day!!"
Thank goodness, I want warm days to last a bit longer... Not the kind of heat that would make you melt, though (laughs)

Recently, Kalafina has been struggling so hard everyday on practicing for the tour that will start this October.
Even though we talk about work while spending such time as well, talking about the news, sharing new information with each other, and catching up on the different things that the three of us did when we aren't together are times that I really like.
Hikaru and Wakana are both enthusiastic with talking about the same TV show, that when I hear them talking next to me... I somehow get healed (laughs)
Even though I mostly spend my time with the members, the days also change, and since I can realize that, "I need to change myself, too!!" I say impatiently.
In that way, these two give me a chance to reflect on myself. I always feel "thankful".

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January 6, 2016 | 10:00 PM - [2016/01/03] Happy New Year
Good day, everyone.
Because new things can keep previous things alive,
thinking that it must only be by the number of years that have passed that we can do various things, this is Hikaru.

Right at the height of New Year, I wonder how everyone is doing.
First shrine visit of New Year, foods served during this time of year, sitting in a family circle and enjoying conversation, shopping, going on a trip... It's New Year, and that's why there are a lot of things you can do, right?!
Of course, as I'm writing this, there are also those who would say "I'm working!", right?!

As for myself, I spent my New Year sleeping as always (laughs)

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January 2, 2016 | 09:46 AM - [2016/01/01] Year of the Monkey
Happy New Year <(_ _)>
It's 2016!! Year of the Monkey!! Speaking of animal fortune-telling, Wakana-chan and I both got brown monkeys (laughs) *excited*♪
Having not been able to hide my astonishment of how fast time had passed in 2015, I'm a bit nervous that 2016 would probably speed up even faster, but despite that, I'm thinking of considering carefully what I can do and facing the music.
2016,,, I'm thinking of continuing to take on small challenges.
They may not be big changes in anyway way, but these small changes piling up is what I would like to treasure (*^^*)

Even though I'm spending New Year with my family, , since I am in charge of making ozouni* for this year as well, I have been preparing for it since the day before, and I made it with feelings of gratitude for my mom and dad (*^^*)


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* - New Year's soup dish containing rice cakes and vegetables
December 25, 2015 | 08:48 PM - [2015/08/17] Summer, the season of events
Good day, everyone.
In times when I'm just swaying to and fro in the tide,
and also when I wish for excitement in the continuing days,
wanting the power to stop and go forward, this is Hikaru.

We have also entered the latter half of August. Severe days go on with the remaining heat, but I wonder how everyone is doing.

As for Kalafina, we held the release commemoration event of the 18th single "One Light" which we have released on the 12th.

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Hello, this is Wakana (0 ̄▽ ̄0)/

It's been such a long while... m(__)m I'm so sorry... m(__)m

Aren't you suffering from the summer heat?
Did you eat shaved ice?
Did you go to a fireworks display?
Did you go to the Dinosaur Exhibit? (I haven't yet! I have to!)

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