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最後の空 | The Last Sky
English translation of Kalafina-related publications (except lyrics)
[2015/08/27] Fluffy 
January 7, 2016 | 10:04 PM
Hello, this is Keiko (´ω`)

Lately, it has gotten suddenly cold, that when I said, "Huh? Has summer already ended" in surprise, Wakana-san who was beside me whispered, "It seems like the 30th will be a summer day!!"
Thank goodness, I want warm days to last a bit longer... Not the kind of heat that would make you melt, though (laughs)

Recently, Kalafina has been struggling so hard everyday on practicing for the tour that will start this October.
Even though we talk about work while spending such time as well, talking about the news, sharing new information with each other, and catching up on the different things that the three of us did when we aren't together are times that I really like.
Hikaru and Wakana are both enthusiastic with talking about the same TV show, that when I hear them talking next to me... I somehow get healed (laughs)
Even though I mostly spend my time with the members, the days also change, and since I can realize that, "I need to change myself, too!!" I say impatiently.
In that way, these two give me a chance to reflect on myself. I always feel "thankful".

August is the end of the production of the New original album, and we will have a lot of time to deeply face those new songs, and when that happens, the Kalafina sound will echo as usual.
With our voices, expression, and our whole body, we carefully nestle together the difficulty of playing each and every composition, as well as keeping in mind the need for us to play them as three people... Including the members in their work that cannot be done without love, we do things as Team Kalafina.

With that, with everyday heavily influenced by extravagant music, while having a fluffy girl talk, we chose food that girls seem to like♪


Being able to have time to take a breather like this, it's such a miraculous encounter... this has been Keiko deeply feeling it like that.

Everyone, too, please reward yourselves for working hard, okay♪
Spend some leisurely time with the people you cherish...

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