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最後の空 | The Last Sky
English translation of Kalafina-related publications (except lyrics)
[2016/01/19] Taiwan was the best 
January 23, 2016 | 12:33 AM
Hello♪ This is Keiko♪

Well, now that we've come back to Japan after finishing the Taiwan performances, we have begun to prepare for the eighth anniversary live this week!!
These days were really fulfilling♪ I feel happy that we're soaked in this much music at the starting month of the year♪

Now, after performing in Taiwan for the first time in five years, we were able to make a really warm and touching time.
Five years ago, for us who have just started our live performances abroad, even though they were in the nearby Asian region, the feelings of nervousness about the way we could make our music be heard, were warmed up by the Taiwanese fans in an instant.and that was Taiwan fans who warmed us instantly. Even now, the three of us remember that time so well that we look back on it from time to time. Being able to come back to such a country like Taiwan, we are filled with gratitude toward a lot of people there.
With a rich and deep sound, playing with the usual groove and impact, it's also the musicians' first time to be able to perform in front of everyone in Taiwan, and these fans' shouts of joy were truly amazing!! We were also thrilled by the energy of the Taiwanese fans, that we were able to experience two days of performances that we can only do so in Taiwan. Even though it's about our 12th time here, every time is a first... or at least that's how it feels like.
Since we also promised that "we will return!!" to everyone in Taiwan, we would like to continue to do various activities, believing that day will come.
To everyone who came all the way from Japan, thank you so much for creating this Taiwan performance with us ('ω `)
We were given the opportunity to sign a huge panel at the venue!

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3 4

Well, as for our closing party, we had it here!!


Peking duck-chan (laughs)

Hikaru-chan almost couldn't be seen (laughs).

Finally, today's flowers are roses.
I also tried to put apple-chan♪


Translated by sprinterXkyrie
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