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最後の空 | The Last Sky
English translation of Kalafina-related publications (except lyrics)
[2016/01/21] 2016 ~Happy monthly, January☆~ 
May 7, 2016 | 05:03 AM
Everyone, we've entered the latter half of January,
and it has become remarkably cold, hasn't it?! Here I am, surprised by the sudden cold wave (゚ロ゚;三;゚ロ゚)
I wrapped myself up in a coat, and covered myself with a scarf, but my nose and eyes are cold... But if I hid those as well, I won't be able to see anything. What in the world should you I...

Well then, I'll just bear the cold around my eyes☆

I'm so late in my New Year's greetings, and for that, I'm so sorry!
This is Wakana ☆(0 ̄▽ ̄0)/
This 2016, we will also continue to make our songs reach everyone as always.
This year as well, please be good to Kalafina♪

And with this month, since we will have a lot of chances to meet everyone, it's happy monthly ♪\(^o^)/♪
To start with the additional performances for the tour on the 11th, we'll head to Grand Cube Osaka once again!!
On the very first live of this year, many people will come to watch it, and it has become a very happy beginning for us in 2016 (*^^*)
Every year, we can face the "beginning of lives" with a special feeling, and with being able to meet everyone with unchanging emotions, these are irreplaceable times.
Once more, it was the start of the live where we reflected upon the fun of the "Tour", and the importance of the "Live".

And last week, on the 16th and 17th, we held a concert in Taiwan for the first time in five years!
It has been that long since our performance there during the "Red Moon TOUR", so it's really been a while.
However, it was our first time to perform with the band members in Taiwan!!
With the whole team, I had really looked forward to meeting everyone! (*^^*)
This season, being that Taiwan is a little warmer than Japan, it was also very humid there to a certain degree, that the ease of staying was the same as before.
After a few hours on our flight from Japan, such a lovely place as this moved me.
In the best surprise present from everybody who came, those were 2 days which warmed my heart.

As for this "far on the water TOUR" which has continued from last year, I am sincerely happy that we're able to connect with you again this year.
Until the 30th and the 31st on the Special Final, we will steadily bring "far on the water" to everyone. To everyone who will come, we will be waiting for you.

To everybody who came to the Osaka and Taiwan legs of the tour, thank you so much!!


This is the beautiful view of Earth, taken on the plane back from Taiwan.
After this, it changed into a color so beautiful it cannot be expressed in words, but at that moment, the seat belt sign, and the window was far from my seat... so unfortunately, I couldn't take a photo of it (T-T)
I hope that someday, I can encounter such a sunset again...☆

And then, about yesterday!!
Our live album which has been compiled from Kalafina's one-night live audio recording, "Kalafina 8th Anniversary Special products The Live Album 'Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2014' at Tokyo International Forum Hall A", is now on sale!


The cheers of the fans, the band members' powerful live performance, and our voices overlapping on that day, all of these were compiled in these 2 CDs.
From what you can listen to these CDs, we hope that you could fully enjoy the world view that we have depicted (*^^*)

Well then, despite it being for fan club members only, the 2-day "8th Anniversary Live" will start tomorrow! To those who can come, let's meet at TSUTAYA O-EAST!!

See you~ ☆(*'▽'*)/


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