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最後の空 | The Last Sky
English translation of Kalafina-related publications (except lyrics)
始まりへ | to the beginning 
February 16, 2015 | 06:57 AM - [sticky post]
Welcome to Saigo no Sora, a Japanese-English translation community mainly for Kalafina blog entries, and any publication related to the said group, except for lyrics. In time, other acts' publication translations may also be posted, but the main focus will be Kalafina.

  • Do not re-post anywhere. (i.e. do not copy-paste the whole translation and post on a different website)

  • If you want to share a whole translation, feel free to share the link to the post. They are public anyway, and are accessible even without joining the community. If you only want to share part(s), put the credit as "saigonosora@LJ".

  • While I (we) do not prohibit translation to other languages, I (we) would not take any responsibility for inaccuracies that might result from my (our) still unpolished Japanese skills, and I often edit my translations if I realize there is a better way of expressing (a) certain line(s) in English. You have been warned.

Membership is open, so feel free to hit the Join button.
To view the translations archive, click here. You may also use the tags to search more easily.

I'm still learning the Japanese language, so if you spot any mistake, feel free to leave a comment on the entry.
Contributors are welcome. Feel free to send me a PM or an e-mail for details.
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